Clara’s Story




The namesake for my business is my grandmother, Clara Elizabeth Larson. She shared my passion for photography and helped nurture my growth in the art. We would go on photography excursions together, taking pictures and comparing notes once our 35mm film was developed. Throughout my pre-teen and teenage years she gave me an annual subscription to Outdoor Photographer Magazine for my birthday. Smart investments she made for me in the stock market provided the money to pay for a program at Mass College of Art where I studied photography and fashion design one high school summer.  Throughout her life she never stopped learning and was the definition of resilience.  In her mid-80’s, she was given a computer and scanner by one of her daughters and learned to digitize her treasured slide film to create family archives. She loved to travel and photograph light houses and the ocean. After the passing of her husband, she purchased a camper and went on many adventures with her dog, Neige. A bucket list adventure that she fulfilled was her drive to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend and photograph the Hot Air Balloon Festival. 

Born in Elgin, Illinois in February 1924, Betty (the name she was known as to friends and family) was an athletic and independent woman ahead of her time. After raising her three children, she returned to school in the 1960s and became the first woman Systems Analyst at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City. Betty lived most of her life on Staten Island, NY, and retired to her beloved Florida. She looked at each chapter of her life as a new adventure and lived La Vida Loca until the age of 95.